Mail-Cleaner Blocks Viruses and Filters spam. is a service provided by MGT Consulting, for small and large businesses that protects you from receiving and spreading dangerous computer e-mail viruses. works remotely, employing state of the art virus interception technology to safely and reliably block viruses before they reach your system. can also block spam (junk e-mail), saving you valuable time and frustration sifting through unwanted messages.

Complete Message Processing Facilities
Your system never sees the virus and spam carrying e-mail messages, because all incoming messages are automatically analyzed by computers before being forwarded to your system. Viruses and spam are blocked -- all before reaching your inbox!

Complete Outsourcing. No Installation Necessary
The complete service is provided via the Internet, with no software or hardware purchase necessary. Setup is quick and easy. Results are immediate and complete.

The Total Solution is your one-stop solution and includes full support and assistance. provides expert, individualized support--helping answer questions, solve problems, and following-up to fully resolve every situation. We are experts in the field, providing spam filtering services since 1997.