Customer Comments

"Our e-mail system is a critical part of how our company does business. Over the last year and a half, there have been over a hundred attempts to contaminate our system through virus infected e-mail messages. Each one of these attempts was blocked by EPS before it ever reached us. The value this service provides has been immeasurable. In addition to being very affordable, the technical expertise has been outstanding. If you're the least bit concerned about a virus bringing down your systems, this is a must have. I highly recommend EPS from MGT Consulting."

Dennis J. Dougherty, MIS Manager
Pennsylvania Crusher Corporation

"Any business is dependent on good e-mail services, and we are no exception. As a design firm, we are extraordinarily reliant on our computer network. We receive a large number of files and attachments from our clients via e-mail and viruses are a probability, not a possibility.

The virus scanning provided as part of our e-mail service from Mark Thomas has saved us on multiple occasions (and has let our clients know they have infected files as well). In addition, he has been extremely responsive to requests from us-- answering questions and making changes to our e-mail accounts quickly and efficiently. It's a pleasure to work with a vendor that does its job so well."

Kate Maskar
Maskar Design
220 South 16th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19102
215.545.3644 x21
fax 215.545.4748

"Thanks for the recent help setting up the new e-mail addresses. Your e-mail and web-hosting services have been amazingly trouble-free but it's nice to know that, when there are problems, I can call you or e-mail you and get them resolved quickly.

And the mail-cleaner service is amazing. I never see any of the viruses I hear about on the news. Anyone who doesn't use your services and thinks that they (or their IS department) can stay ahead of all of the viruses out there is more than a little crazy."

Daniel B. Evans
P.O. Box 27370, Philadelphia, PA 19118
(215) 233-0988; Fax: (215) 893-5388

"MGT Consulting has delivered consistent, reliable service to us for years. The web hosting displays our pages quickly, supports our online ordering system, and has great up time. The e-mail services are excellent. We have multiple users and several different requirements for mailboxes and forwarding, and everything works perfectly. The virus protection has proved impenetrable again and again. Mark Thomas is very responsive to our concerns and often takes the initiative to contact us to alert us to any potential problems. Overall, the service has been excellent and has grown with us as we have grown, now expanding to include our ezine."

Steven C. Cohen
Senior Vice President Executive Communications Group

"MGT Consulting hosts two web sites for us, one for our corporation ( and one for my passion, ragtime piano ( In the 3+ years we have used MGT Consulting services, we have had virtually no down time, unparalleled response time, immediate answers to support questions, and trouble-free e-mail - with an absolute minimum of spam (we're really grateful for that). We look forward to continuing our relationship with Mark for many years to come."

Rich Cromie
President, Chameleonics (and ragtime pianist)

Jan Frye
CEO, Chameleonics